About Us

When asked to write a paragraph about the company’s goals and what you want people who read this website to know about you…to be honest it wasn’t an easy task. I wrote down a bunch of nice sounding words like credibility, expertise, honesty, responsibility…but they all seemed hollow and cold. I kept going back to why the company was really formed.

It’s because we wanted a company that was GREAT. To strive to be great in all phases of what we do and say; design, sales, service, implementation and most of all client satisfaction when the job is done.

Why have a company if you don’t believe and strive for greatness? This is why Sound Solutions of Ohio, LLC is in business. Being in the workforce for over 35 years I was employed with several companies…some good, some indifferent, some bad…none of them great.

With a group of friends who have had similar experiences we decided to take a leap of faith and begin anew with a spirit to create a new company which would first and foremost help people succeed in their business. We quickly found our footing and have been blessed by our success. However, we know any success is only reliant on our customer’s satisfaction; something we never take for granted. Simply put, we work to earn and keep our clients trust and respect. We call it the WOW FACTOR.

Our goal is the same for all of our clients. No matter the size…we want them to say…”Wow…you did what you said you would do, on time at the quoted price and followed up to make sure everything met our satisfaction.” We would use your services again.”

In order to be a great company we DO sweat the small stuff. We are detailed oriented…we have to be. Our potential customers are looking for the best solution whatever their budget so we do take the time to consider all options, recommend affordable solutions, and work with you in all phases of the project to meet the goals of what you want.

As a small business, we understand the value of time and money; so we manage every job to maximize our client’s request from design, site inspection, materials, and equipment acquisition to installation, coordination, education and testing.

At Sound Solutions of Ohio, LLC we are proud of our professional team. We say we “provide technical expertise and value with a personal touch”. Our team of system specialists have over 80 years of experience in the audio, video, security industry and demonstrate the knowledge and experience to get the job done right, the first time, every time.

Tom Waldsmith