Lakota High School Athletic Field

Location: Lakota , OH


Raiders Rock to New Sound

The Lakota high school athletic field in Kansas, Ohio is an important multi- purpose stadium; proudly hosting football games , track and field events, and other school programs.

The sound system however was in dire need of a major upgrade; suffering from age, poor audio and the continuing  growth of a variety of special venue requirements.

With just a few weeks before the opening of the new football season; Sound Solutions of Ohio was chosen over several candidates to make the necessary improvements to not only enhance the sound clarity and quality but to incorporate modern technology to have a new system which would meet the needs of its participants and audience.

Working closely with the school’s budget; the engineers of Sound Solutions of Ohio  designed and implemented a new system which not only enhanced the audience for the expected Friday night football games but created unique venue option’s  for track meets, and field events which take place outside the stadium’s normal seating arrangement.

Powered by a 4 channel Crown power amplifier; two R.35 full range loudspeakers were installed on an existing light pole and three Community R.35 3896 speakers were placed strategically on the front façade of the main home press box to provide full coverage of the area.

A Biamp Tesiraforte digital processor highlighted the project providing the school with a easy to use  preprogram  choice of specific sound reinforcement  choices.

A new gooseneck style microphone was put into service and a new Shure wireless handheld microphone provided flexibility in making  announcements for the stadium’s sports action.

On hearing the system for the first time; superlatives like “Fantastic sound” and “the stadium has never ever sounded this great before” were complimented to the installation and technical staff of Sound Solutions of Ohio.

The project was completed from  site survey, written proposal ,to installation within three weeks; in time as promised for the opening kickoff of the school’s home football schedule.

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