Marion City Schools Access System

Location: Marion, OH

In these uncertain times, Marion City Schools took a proactive stance to help secure the safety of its students and faculty by contracting with Sound Solutions of Ohio to design, provide, and implement new video intercom with door access control systems for each of thier school properties.

Integrating with the school's IP network and the existing door hardware: Sound Solutions of Ohio engineered systems which were low cost but high in features. PTZ(pan, tilt, zoom) color cameras were enviromentally housed in conjunction with an intercom button and installed on the outside main entrance of each building. A video door station located at the receptionist desk completed the visual and audio link, providing a safe and effective way of controlling the visitor traffic in the school.

The project was completed on time and under the schools original budget. The receptionist's at all of the schools were pleased and grateful for the new security measures and the user friendly features.

For your next security access control project, call Sound Solutions of Ohio for a free analysis and quotation. We look forward to helping you!

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