Upper Sandusky City Schools

Location: Upper Sandusky, OH

“We need a new phone system…ours is dying!” This was just one of several complaints, Upper Sandusky City Schools told us about the problems they were having with their antiquated system. They presented a “wish list” of the things they wanted a new system to do. After careful review of what would be their best solution; Sound Solutions of Ohio, LLC put in place new digital telephone switches at both their Middle and High School buildings. Full voice mail and auto attendant integration along with music/message on hold were just some of the many features which were installed. The “wish list” they provided was completed…but we went a step further and provided custom designed labels for all phones, pre-programmed school wide speed dials, and followed up with specific training for school employees who needed individual help. When one of the secretary’s told us “you guys are the best…thanks for all your patience we knew the project had been done right and their wish list had been fulfilled.

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