What We Do

From schools to churches, manufacturing plants to distribution centers, and a wide variety of venues in between, we are your one-stop source for low voltage products, equipment, design, and installation. We specialize in:

Business Telephone Systems:
In today’s fast-paced world your telephone system needs to be cutting edge, cost efficient, and completely dependable. Our experience team will fully assess your wants and needs and recommend appropriate product solutions to fit your budget. Any size business or organization can take advantage of the benefits of a fully integrated, simple-to-use telephone structure.

Video Surveillance:
We deliver peace of mind. Discreet cameras and digital recorders provide the security you need. Our broad range of surveillance equipment offers excellent picture resolution, reliability, and a variety of recording methods. Video Security is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

Each system must be tailored for the particular location’s needs. We help you understand the available options. Then, we design and install a system that meets your specific needs, without breaking the bank.

Access Control:
Simply stated, an access control system limits who goes where and when. It protects individual access at all system-controlled entry points. Whether you require a single access keypad or a PC based electronic access control system for a multiple-door facility, we have the solution you need-swipe card, magnetic stripe card, bar code, or coded keypad. Install access control to deter violent crime, stop theft and track when all foot traffic enter and depart the premises. With the ability to integrate your access control system with video surveillance, door intercoms, and telephone systems, you can have an impressive tool that gives you total control over your premises and its security.

Pro Audio PA Systems:
We cater to your every need. Whether it be a background music system for your cozy dining spot, an audio system for a house of worship, or a sound reinforcement system for a ground shaking sports stadium or sports bar, we are dedicated to designing an audio system that is right for you. Our Sound Solutions of Ohio team provides turnkey Public Address systems for schools, churches, sports complexes, restaurants, and other large venue facilities. Combining our many years of experience with the best audio measurement tools and manufacturers in the industry, we make sure you PA installation results in crisp, clear sound.

Pro Video:
All aspects of video are covered by the experts at Sound Solutions of Ohio, LLC. Integrating the latest in visual technology with creative planning, we can deliver a viewing display that is functional as well as beautiful. Let us know what you want to achieve for your school, church, boardroom, sports bar, restaurant or any other venue. We will translate those needs into a user-intuitive and effective video system design. We will then install the system to ensure the highest level of quality and ease-of-use. Technology solutions include LCD and DLP projectors, large display LCD monitors, video projection systems and projection screens.

Kenwood 2-way Radio Systems:
We need to talk! Whether you are working at a construction site, need to communicate to your service vehicles, have school buses who need to safely transport children, or a fireman or policeman who needs backup help; Two-way radio communication is not only essential but reliable. Public safety relies on it, schools depend on it, and businesses save money with 2-way radio technology. Whether you need a handheld radio for short distance communication or your own repeater network system, Sound Solutions of Ohio, LLC can provide the right solution. From design to coordination of required FCC licensing to installation and service; we can help with your 2-way radio needs.