February 15, 2017

Describing itself as “a real-life community on the move, Old Fort Church completed its attractive, new building in time for Easter services in 2016. The church’s 300-seat worship center features modern video, lighting systems and a high-performance audio system .

Worship Arts leader Mike Sooy says music is very important for their service. Thus, great sound was a priority for the new church.  “We wanted to take things to the next level,” he said. Sooy also emphasized the importance of speech clarity. “If they can’t hear the message, ”he continued, “what’s the point?”

Sound Solutions of Ohio from Tiffin, provided Old Fort Church’s new audio system along with its video and environmental projection systems. To meet the church’s goals, Sound Solutions’ Dennis Cimo designed a split cluster loudspeaker system; providing  two Community IP6-1122/64 two-way 12” loudspeakers per side supplemented by a pair of IS6-215 sub-woofers located beneath the stage. Computer modeling showed this design would cover the sanctuary evenly with little or no “spill” onto the stage. Cimo also recommended the church install acoustic panels in strategic locations to reduce unwanted echoes and optimize the room’s reverberation time.

Crown XTI amplifiers power the system and a Community dSPEC226AN provides loudspeaker management with DSP services.


A church member; hearing the system for the first time declared; “Wow, you made our praise band sound like a different band!” Worship Arts leader Sooy noted the “spoken word is very clear and the quality of the music has noticeably improved.”

We at Sound Solutions of Ohio take great pride in our work; and our blessed to have been a part of Old Fort Church’s new building. For your next sound and video project; please call call for a free evaluation and estimate.

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